A theatrical installation about the quest for "home".

„Where are we going? Always home.“ (Novalis)

Where do we feel at home?

How is it possible to recreate this feeling of being “at home” when the traditional "home" is disappearing?
TheatreFragile is researching answers to these questions with their newest production.

The traveling businessman or woman, the uprooted migrant, the homeless, the actor on tour, ... are the characters of this theatrical installation in public spaces.


The premiere took place on May 26, 2012 at the European Street Theatre Festival in Detmold, Germany.

Artistic Direction: Luzie Ackers (D) and Marianne Cornil (F)
Performers: Luzie Ackers, Kristi Hughes (USA), Dana Schmidt (D) and Johannes Stubenvoll (AU)
Live Music: Max Andrzejewski (D)
Direction: Marianne Cornil
Artistic Advisor: Nicole Kehrberger (D)
Mask design: Luzie Ackers
Maks building : Lilli Döscher
Set Design, Installation: Janna Schaar (D)
Set Design Intern: Louise Hochet (F)
Composer: Janko Hanushevsky (AU)
Technic : Florian Mönks (D)
Video: Michael Osterhoff (D)
Costum Design: Manon Gignoux (F)
Production Assistant: Kristi Hughes
Interns: Marie-Constance Descout (F),Catalina Florit Llinàs (ES)
Graphic Design: Silke Meyer (D)
Accounting: Dorén Gräfendorf (D)

HOME is a coproduction from the European Street Theater Festival in Detmold and the foundation Friedrich Knapp, New Yorker. The project is also supported by the Darstellende Künste Foundation and by the Braunschweiger Kulturbesitz Foundation. It is activly assisted by the Musische Akademie Braunschweig and by the Theaterhaus Mitte from Berlin.