An uplifting mourning ritual in 5 acts

Climate change is now!

There is a profound difference between what we know and what we do.
 And when we act, what do we accomplish?

With a ritualistic performance in the marketplace, TheatreFragile lead us out of this contradictory position: Through song, dance, physical theater, and mask play. 5 performers invite the audience to live through denial, anger, negotiation, grief, and acceptance.

ARE YOU READY? is a joyful and hopeful performance that takes the audience along through the experience of loss to a communal kick-off to activate change.

Through vocal collages and song the voices of those who are committed to climate action or talk about their inner conflicts can be heard. The choir, which falls silent due Corona, finds ways to move and evoke despite the silence. The masks invoke and give tribute to the archetypal figures of Gaia and women from all continents who fight tirelessly for change.




ARE YOU READY? is a TheatreFragile production led under the artistic direction of Luzie Ackers and Marianne Cornil.

Performed by - Luzie Ackers, Marléne Colle, Marianne Cornil, Sahra Huby, Nicole Ratjen/ Dana Schmidt
Vocals - Marléne Colle, Marianne Cornil and the Ensemble
Loop Station - Marléne Colle
Production- Henrike Beran / Janna Schaar
Artistic Consultant - Lilli Döscher
Interviews - Marianne Cornil
Sound collage - Marianne Cornil
Music composition - Janko Hanushevsky
Voice coach and choral conducting - Zola Mennenöh
Libretto - Corinne Douarre
Masks - Luzie Ackers
Stage design - Elisabeth Althoff and Luzie Ackers
Costume design - Manon Gignoux
Media technology - Florian Mönks
Stage Manager / Technician - Anna Maria Schneider
Video - Anna Maria Schneider
Public Relations - Public Cologne
Graphics - Silke Meyer
Accounting - Dorén Gräfendorf
Photography - Walter Meutzner, Max Krause, Thorsten Krienke CC BY-SA 4.0


Sponsored by

Regionale Kulturförderung OWL NRW
Fonds Soziokultur e.V.
Stiftung Mercator
Kulturteam Detmold, Hangar21 Detmold
Peter Gläsel Stiftung / BWusst Wochen
SOLAWI Dalborn