An interdisciplinary parcours through the forest

What does the forest tell us when we walk through it?
And what does the forest mean to each and every one of us?

Under the title "As you call into the forest..." TheatreFragile invites you to an artistic journey through the forest in the Heidental in Detmold.

Through the forest sounds voices reveal themselves: Foresters, woodcutters, wilderness educators, forest owners, walking individuals and conservationists tell us what they find in the forest: livelihood, inspiration, reasons for social engagement, or simply a place to let go.

On this interdisciplinary trail, we follow their footsteps and experience the forest from fresh unique perspectives. We take a new look at trees, the forest floor, the light and the deadwood.  Listening to and experiencing the forest in its complexity.

Due to climate change and the resulting bark beetle plague, the forest has become the focus of our attention in recent years. Clearing and dead trees have changed the landscape of our childhood and are shaping the forest for our children.

The place is used in a variety of ways whether a recreational site or an economic resource, it starts in many places to embody the image of a collapsing society. The forest is where conflicting concepts and the needs of our society meet.

Individuals or families can walk and experience the interdisciplinary path over a period of several days. A diverse program completes the permanent installation: a live performance of bass music in dialogue with birdsong, plant prints and a percussion parcours with trees, wood and the forest floor, ....



Conception, text work, sound collages, interviews - Marianne Cornil
Conception, equipment - Luzie Ackers
Artistic advice - Lilli Döscher
Music composition - Janko Hanushevsky
Media tech - Florian Mönks
Technician - Max Klör
Production - Anna-Maria Schneider / Janna Schaar
Public relations - Public Cologne
Film documentation - Anna-Maria Schneider
Graphics - Silke Meyer
Accounting - Dorén Gräfendorf


Supported by

Fonds Soziokultur e.V. NEUSTART Kultur
Regionale Kulturförderung OWL
Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft
Stiftung der Sparkasse Paderborn Detmold
Lippe Tourismus & Marketing GmbH
Kreis Lippe Fachgebietsleitung 670 - Landschaft und Naturhaushalt (Lippe Umwelt)
Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe
Landesverband Lippe